Who is eligible to join?  Membership is for you and your family!

Beech Island Credit Union

143 Old Jackson Highway

Beech Island, SC 29842

(803) 827-1769

Now serving anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Aiken County

Membership Services:

Share Accounts – Start saving with a share savings account. Beech Island Credit Union pays dividends/interest that is typically higher than other financial institutions.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts – Our convenient share draft (checking) accounts have no service charges, no per check charges and no minimum balance requirements.  Overdraft protection insures you against returned checks and our duplicate copy checks make balancing your account easy.

Holiday Savings Account – Start saving for the holidays through payroll deduction at Beech Island Credit Union. Don’t increase your debts around the holidays; reduce them with a holiday savings account.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) – Open a new IRA or transfer an existing IRA to BICU.

Share Certificate (CD) – Competitive rates and terms. Earn more on your savings while keeping it in a federally insured institution like Beech Island Credit Union.

Vehicle Loans – Beech Island Credit Union is the premier lender for a new or used car, truck, boat or recreational vehicle. Our rates will benefit you if you are purchasing or if you would like to refinance your existing loan from another financial institution. Call us first to see how we can help you lower your monthly payments and save you interest.

Personal Loans – If you need money quickly for those unexpected situations or simply want to take a family vacation, a personal loan with us is quick and easy. The amount of the loan is determined by your income, debt ratio, job stability and credit history.

Share-Secured Loans – Use your own money as collateral. A share-secured loan will help you get a lower rate by using your own share account balance to secure the loan. This product is perfect for those members that are trying to reestablish a good credit rating. Use your own money to pay-off delinquent credit obligations while still earning interest on your share account. Don’t pay cash; improve your credit with a secured loan.

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction – Have your payroll directly deposited into your account. Payroll deduction makes saving easier by allowing your employer to send a portion of your pay to the credit union each pay period. In addition, it is the best way to pay your loans. Save your money by saving your checks, use payroll.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) – As a member of Beech Island Credit Union you get free access to  the SRPFCU machine located at our office on Old Jackson Highway.  You also have six (6) transactions at any other machines free from any BICU service fee! (ATM owner fees will still apply)

“You know how hard most institutions work to get your business, we will show you how hard we will work to keep it.”

How do I start a membership account?

A.  To start your membership you must open a Share/Savings Account with a deposit of $26.00 which will give you ownership in  —Beech Island Credit Union—.

Once a Member, Always a Member!